Virtual International Dyslexia Conference

9th - 10th September 2021

  • List of international dyslexia specialist speakers coming soon
  • Early Bird Discount
  • Range of new/existing products and services, and 1:1 chats available
  • CPD available for delegates


I feel the need for harmony
And I look around, but it's not what I see
I see angry faces looking at me
And I want to know what makes them so
For this world can be a dangerous place
But it's all we got, and it's quite a lot

Take a look at yourself
You may not be the same as everyone else
You're just different, and that's okay
We all follow our own way
And if you find that they won't listen
Then they've got nothing to say
So don't get mad and don't feel sad
Be a rebel, not a devil
(Be a rebel, not a devil)

There will come a day
When your fear and self-doubt fades away
Because you have achieved what you need
There's no doubt in your heart

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